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We know churches. KJV Sites is the sister project to KJV Churches, the Web's #1 Baptist and KJV church locator. As a team, we have seen the websites for every church listed on the site. And we know the problems.

Baptist and KJV churches are generally behind the curve on technology, which is why we can help take your online presence to the next level. You can count on us to help you avoid the pitfalls and have a positive, appealing web presence.

Our Best Projects

Why you should have your website built with KJV Sites


We take care of everything for you. We design and create your website, and provide stable hosting and excellent maintenance.


We know churches and know what they need in a website. You will be receiving personalized attention from the church experts.


As we grow, our services and offerings will grow with us. You will be eligible to receive personalized management as soon as we launch new opportunities.

Web Design Strategy

We offer a variety of templates to choose from, both for DIY plans and for bespoke options. Browse through our gallery, choose a site that you like, and clone it into your new site.

DIY users can purchase their own domains, but our bespoke clients receive customized attention and we handle the domain and DNS, making sure that everything looks professional and appealing.

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